Sunday, May 24, 2020

Why Google Trends is Important for Keyword Research ?

Keyword Research by Google Trends | If You are a blogger then You already know how much work we do before writing a single post. Keyword research is essential before writing anything on the internet. Google Trends helps us to find keywords for every type of content. If you do not know then I will tell you how you can do keyword research with the help of the Google Trends.

What is Google Trends?

You already know that successful bloggers use paid keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. but new bloggers do not have that much money to buy these paid tools. New bloggers find free tools that help them to find keyword research for free. Google Trends is a product of Google that records all the data that people search on Google.

Google Trends shows us How many times a keyword is searched on Google. This tool is completely free and It helps us to choose a profitable keyword for our website. Because if we choose keyword without keyword research then there are almost zero chances that we will rank for that keyword in SERPs.

Google Trends shows us which topic is being searched on Google today or yesterday or a random date. It will show us graphically how many people search for a particular keyword. It will also show us that the search for a particular keyword has increased or decreased in the date range selected by us. 

We can choose the date range in Google Trends. This product was started by Google back in 2008 as Google Insights for search but in 2012, they renamed it Google Trends. It became very popular among all the bloggers and business man because it shows all the data that what is happening on the internet and the best part is everyone can access it easily.

One of the best feature of  Google Trends is, it shows category wise results. So, we can check easily our category. 

I hope You got all information about Google Trends. Now, let's learn why Google Trends is extremely important for every content creator.

Why Google Trends is Best for Free Keyword Research?

Google Trends shows us all the data about any particular keyword in date range 2004 to currently. It is extremely important for everyone whether he is a new blogger or an experienced blogger. Because you get all the information you need in Google Trends.

All the paid keyword research tool gets data from google about a keyword's search volume, Competition, etc. Because 75% of the online search market is owned by Google. So, Google Trends is a Google product, It has more information than other tools.

If You want to target any country traffic then you can set the country in Google Trends and It will show you about that country's keyword search data. 

If you want to use Google Trends then go there and on top, there is an option to choose a country. by default, it will on the United States but you can change it to your country. 

After choosing the country if you want to see the Trending Searches, you can do it by clicking on the sidebar. If you want to search about a particular keyword then you can also do it on the home page. 

If you want to compare two keywords then first search one keyword and click on compare and enter the second keyword and Google Trends will show you complete data about those two keywords.

You can also check more keywords in the Explore Tab. The more you use Google Trends the more you will get friendly to it. I hope you understood why Google Trends is important for Keyword Research.

Google Trends is very useful for any web creator if they use it correctly.


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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Why You are Failing as A Blogger ?

Reasons for Failing in Blogging | If You are a blogger for a long time but have not succeeded yet then you might be doing something wrong. Blogging wants smart work as well as hard work but if you keep doing hard work then you will not get success in Blogging Field. All bloggers have their own ways to work but many things are the same and if you do not do those same things then you will fail as a blogger.

bloggers fail in blogging

If You want to know why you are failing in the blogging field then you are at the right place because in this article I will share all the reasons why bloggers fail in the blogging field and quit blogging. If you are thinking to quit blogging then STOP! because this whole article can save your blogging career, only if you implement all the things I am going to share with you. let's first learn what blogging really is.

What is Blogging and How it really Works?

Blogging is a method to share information with viewers and to make money online with your writing skills. Blogger is a person who creates a website, on it the person shares information or any type of article to reach out to the audience. Blogging is very popular nowadays and every teenager thinks they can do blogging. They buy hosting and themes, plugins and write many articles but nothing happens. They do not get any visitors to their blog. 

After working for a few months they think they should leave blogging or blogging is not for them. Thus, they fail as a blogger because they do not follow all the steps which are essential to make a blog successful. We are living in 2020 and there are more than enough bloggers. So, competition is too much, if you do not follow all the essential steps to make your blog successful then you will get failed.

A blog is a method to share your feelings in the form of text to people and doing it call blogging. Actually blogging is bigger than you think, everything we do on the internet as an admin is call blogging. I hope you understood and Now we will learn what are the main reasons most bloggers do fail in blogging.

Main Reasons Why People Fail in Blogging?

I am a professional blogger holding a couple of years of experience and in my starting time, I also made mistakes. I almost left blogging due to those mistakes but instead of quitting blogging, I started looking at the mistakes I have made. So, I am a successful blogger now. I know what mistakes a new blogger makes and I will tell you about those mistakes and will tell you solutions to those mistakes.

Without wasting any more time let's start with the first one

#1. Not Keeping Patience and Believing yourself

Guys, Blogging takes time and you should not stop working before 3-5 months. If your keyword is hard then sometimes it takes 1 year to rank your website. People left blogging just after one month by saying that they are not getting visitors to their website. 

You should believe in yourself that you can do it. If you have faith in yourself then there is no one who can stop you from getting successful in blogging. All you need to do is believe in yourself. So, keep patience while blogging and keep motivating yourself while blogging.

#2. Using Complex Design of website 

If your website design is not good or you have placed advertisements everywhere then no one would like to come on your website. If you are doing so then stop and make your design simple and clean and never place ads near clickable items because it irritates viewers. You can use my blog design, viewers love it.

#3. Not Spending Money on Website

It is not necessary but sometimes you have to do a guest post. You have to buy premium themes and plugins and hosting to run your website amazingly. If you are not doing it then start it now because this will really helpful for you. You have to spend some money if you really want to make money from it.

#4. Choosing High Competition Keywords

If You are a new blogger then never choose high competition keywords because if you do then you will never get rank on those keywords. It is required to have much knowledge before working on high competition keywords. You can go for low competition keywords in the starting and when your blog is one year old then you can go for high competition keywords.

#5. Using Blackhat Techniques to rank blog

If you use blackhat techniques to rank your blog then you are in danger because your blog and hosting can get deleted. Maybe you can get a few traffic but your website will be deleted for violation of SERP Policies. Do not create unwanted backlinks and keyword stuffing because Google will penalize your website for that.

#6. Not Doing Proper Search Engine Optimisation

If You are not doing SEO for your website then you will never get traffic on your website. You should do proper SEO for your website like doing keyword research, writing SEO friendly articles, etc. You can learn more about SEO on the internet.

#7. Not doing Social Bookmarking

If your website is new then you should share it on social media websites to get some traffic. If you are not doing this then start now because social media is a very big source of traffic. This is why you should share your website on Social Media but do not share much because that social media website will block your website for sharing too many links.

#8. Not Communicating with your viewers

If you want to get success in blogging then you have to start communicating with your viewers. If you read my articles I always say that comment your views and why I say that because I want to know what my viewers really want. If you want me to write something comment below and I will. 

If you do not communicate with your viewers then they will never know who is the owner of the blog really is. Communicating connects you with your viewers and if you want to become successful in blogging then it is essential.


In this article, I have shared that Why Most Bloggers Fail in Blogging and How you can avoid those mistakes that I made in my blogging career. I hope you have liked it and if you do then do not forget to share it with others and comment below your views. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

How to Hide Subscribers Count on Youtube ?

Hide Subscribers On YouTube | If You want to hide your subscribers count in your youtube channel so that your subscribers can not see your subscribers count then you are at the right place. I will tell you to step by step that how you can hide your subscribers count in 5 minutes.

hide subscribers youtube

If You have taken the decision to hide your subscribers count from all then it is really good for you if you are a new Youtuber. I will tell you more that why it is helpful for you to hide your subscribers count as a new Youtuber.

Why You Should Hide Subscribers Count?

If You still do not know what subscribers count is then let me tell you. Subscribers count is the number of total subscribers that you see when you go to a channel on Youtube. If You are a New Youtuber by this, I want to mean that If you have subscribers less than 1000, then you should surely hide your subscribers on Youtube. 

Everyone has their different choices and some YouTubers like to hide their subscribers. If you can not see a youtube channel's subscribers count that does not mean that they do not have any subscribers but they have hidden their subscribers count so, you can not see them. 

It is more beneficial to those YouTubers who do not have 1000 subscribers because people do not trust channels that have less than 1000 subscribers. If you have hidden your subscribers count then they will not have an idea that how much subscribers you have and they have to watch the video. so, that's how hiding your subscribers can be beneficial for you.

So, this is why when a new YouTuber starts his channel he/she hide their youtube channel subscriber count so that nobody can judge them by their subscribers. Now finally, let's learn How to Hide Subscribers count.

How to Hide Youtube Subscribers in 5 Minutes on Smartphone or Desktop?

If You want to hide your subscribers count then here I will tell you to step by step to hide subscribers on youtube. But first, share this with everyone who needs this article. Now, let's start with the first step

Step #1:- 

First of all Open Youtube in Browser(I prefer to use Google Chrome). If you are using a smartphone then choose the Desktop version because you can only access Youtube Studio in the Desktop version.

Step #2:-

Now, on Top Right corner click on the profile icon and choose Youtube Studio. If  You are thinking that you can do it in the Youtube studio android/ios app then I want to tell you that android/ios applications have only a few features but it does not have this feature in the application.

Step #3:-

Now, click on the settings option which you can see below the audio library option. Settings option is in the bottom left corner. In the Settings choose channel Option which is below General.

Step #4:- 

In Channel, Click on Advanced Settings which is available on the right of basic-info. After that scroll down and find Subscriber Count Option.

Step #5:-

Now, Untick the subscriber count option and that's it. Now, if you go and check your channel you will not see subscriber count which was there before. 


This article, I have shared knowledge about How to Hide Subscribers count on Youtube. I hope you have really liked it and if you do then do not forget to share your views in the comments box. Also, share this article with everyone. Thanks for reading. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate (Secure Connection) ?

SSL Certificate for Website | If your Browser showing your website as "Not Secure" and you are stuck that why this happening to your website then I want to tell you that it is because your Website does not have an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate is essential for your website to save your audience from Data Breach, Phishing Attacks, etc. 

If you want to know about SSL Certificate that whether you should add this to your website or not and does your website needs an SSL Certificate then you are at the right place because in this article I am going to explain everything about an SSL Certificate. I will tell you why your website needs an SSL Certificate and what it really does.

ssl certificate for website

What is an SSL Certificate and What it does?

While surfing on the internet you may have seen that some websites address look like this and some look like Now you will say what is the difference between these two web links then I would like to tell you that the difference of this one s is called SSL Certificate. If a website has an SSL certificate then it will start with https either it will start with Http. HTTPS provides website visitors a Secure Connection. It protects the website from the data breach, getting website hacked, phishing scams, and many more problems that happen to website owners if they do not have an SSL certificate.

I hope you understood what an SSL Certificate is and what it really does. So, Now let's learn do you need an SSL Certificate for your website.

Do You Need an SSL Certificate for your website?

Guys, an SSL certificate protects the website from getting hacked, breach of personal information, and other threats. If you want to save your website from getting into these problems then I will recommend that you should get an SSL Certificate for your website as soon as possible if you do not have one. 

If your website stores personal data of your website visitors then you have to get an SSL Certificate because without it, your website would not show in Google Search Results and you will not get any traffic from Google. Yes, you read that right Google does not allow websites without an SSL Certificate. So, if you want to show your website in Google Search Results then you should get an SSL for your website. 

From the 2017 Google Chrome update, if you open a website without an SSL Certificate then it shows an error and if you open a website with https (SSL) then it shows a secure connection. If you do not want your visitors to see this red error problem then do what I say, get an SSL.

If your website has a Login Page and your visitors have to log in on your website to surf like Facebook or If your website is an e-commerce store or you are asking your visitors to fill a form of their personal information then you must have an SSL Certificate on your website.

SSL builds your visitor's trust on your website because when they see that your website is secured and they will not get harmed by using it then they would be happy.

As a Blog owner, I want to tell you the most important thing that I do communicate with my visitors in the comments section and we do share personal views. So, I have an SSL for my blog and my visitors are happy that I have one.

Nowadays there are different types of viruses that attack the client's computer and hack all the information and firewall can't solve all the problems. So, if you do not want this happen to your website visitors then get an SSL as soon as possible. SSL provides you up to 256bit encryption like Whatsapp. So, with this, your website will never face problems like data breach and phishing. 

I hope you understood everything about an SSL Certificate. Now let's learn how you can get an SSL for your website.

How to Get an SSL Certificate for Website?

If you want to get an SSL for your website then you can contact your Hosting Provider they will help you get this but it will not free you to have to pay some money yearly but if you want you can get a Free SSL for your website. If you are running a blog like me then you can get a free one and if you are running an e-commerce or store or company website then you should get a paid one. If you are using then it provides you SSL for free. If you want me to write an article on How to connect Hosting to SSL then you can comment below I would love to help you.


In this article, I have shared about Why your website needs an SSL Certificate. I hope you loved it and if you do then do not forget to shower your love in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

How to Make Money From a Blog in 2020 ?

Make Money From Website | If you own a Blog Website or if you thinking to create one and confused due to money problem that how you will earn from it etc then this article is very important for you because in this article I am going to share with you all the source of income for a blog website. 

Make Money from Blog

I hope this article will really helpful for you and you will earn money from these methods by your Blog Website. So, first of all if you are a newbie then let's talk about what a blog really is.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of website where the owners of the blog share all the information. Information can be any type like it can be a News blog or a Personal life blog or a Tech Blog etc. The owner of the blog shares useful information for blog readers. Some people take it as their passion because they love to write. You can see this article you are reading is on a blog. I think now you understood what a blog really is and the type of it.

So, If you think you can write for your readers then you should create a blog in 2020 and I am sure you will become successful.

Should You Create a Blog in 2020?

Currently, there are millions of blogs on the internet. This is why people who want to create a blog thinks that who will read their blog. But here you are thinking wrong because quantity does not matter but quality does. Let all the millions of the blogs be on the internet but if you can share better information than others and you have the quality to write better then you should go for it.

Daily many blogs were created but only a few of them get successful because people do not want to read the same information or I say lack of quality content. This is why it does not matter whether the year is 2020 or 2030 if you can write better people will love to read.

I hope you got the complete information that whether you should create a blog or not. So, if you have decided to create a blog or you are already created one then let me tell you about all the methods by you can make money from your blog.

Top - 5 Methods to Make Money from your blog

Everyone want to make money if they want to survive on earth. Some choose the right way and some choose the wrong way. If you create a blog website then you have many methods to make money from your blog but you should have an audience for your blog because if nobody reads your blog you will not earn money.

Here I will tell you about some best methods to make money from your blog. let's start with the first one.

1. Run Advertisements on Your Blog:-

Advertisement is the best method to earn money from a blog. It does not matter which type your blog is. There are many Advertisement companies like Google Adsense,, etc. They pay you a good amount of money for showing their ads on your blog website. Some companies give you direct approval but some like google Adsense check your website first then give approval to your blog if your blog complies with their policies.

2. Earn Money by Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where your earning depends on your performance. If any of your audience buys products or services from your affiliate link then you get your share from each sale. you can make more money than Advertising from Affiliate Marketing but you should have targeted audience in affiliate marketing because not everyone will buy the product you are sharing.

3. Sell Ad Space on Your Blog:-

Selling Ad Space is also a great method to earn from a blog. It is also called Sponsorship. In sponsorship, you put an ad of a company that wants to show their ads on your blog and I want to tell you that by this method you can make a huge amount of money from a single deal.

4. Sell a Service on Your Blog:-

If you are master at anything then you can sell it on your blog like if you know How to edit Photos and Videos then you can sell this service on your blog. If someone from your audience wants this service then they will contact you and pay you.

5. Sponsored Posts on Blog:-

You can make money by sponsored posts on your blog. For this, you can add a banner on your blog that you will charge this money for a sponsored post on your blog. If someone wants to have a post on your blog then they will contact you.

So, these are the 5 recommended methods to make money from your blog.


In this article, I have shared about How to Make Money from your Blog Website. I hope you have liked this post and if you do then do not forget to share your views in the comment section. Thanks for reading.