Hide Subscribers On YouTube | If You want to hide your subscribers count in your youtube channel so that your subscribers can not see your subscribers count then you are at the right place. I will tell you to step by step that how you can hide your subscribers count in 5 minutes.

hide subscribers youtube

If You have taken the decision to hide your subscribers count from all then it is really good for you if you are a new Youtuber. I will tell you more that why it is helpful for you to hide your subscribers count as a new Youtuber.

Why You Should Hide Subscribers Count?

If You still do not know what subscribers count is then let me tell you. Subscribers count is the number of total subscribers that you see when you go to a channel on Youtube. If You are a New Youtuber by this, I want to mean that If you have subscribers less than 1000, then you should surely hide your subscribers on Youtube. 

Everyone has their different choices and some YouTubers like to hide their subscribers. If you can not see a youtube channel's subscribers count that does not mean that they do not have any subscribers but they have hidden their subscribers count so, you can not see them. 

It is more beneficial to those YouTubers who do not have 1000 subscribers because people do not trust channels that have less than 1000 subscribers. If you have hidden your subscribers count then they will not have an idea that how much subscribers you have and they have to watch the video. so, that's how hiding your subscribers can be beneficial for you.

So, this is why when a new YouTuber starts his channel he/she hide their youtube channel subscriber count so that nobody can judge them by their subscribers. Now finally, let's learn How to Hide Subscribers count.

How to Hide Youtube Subscribers in 5 Minutes on Smartphone or Desktop?

If You want to hide your subscribers count then here I will tell you to step by step to hide subscribers on youtube. But first, share this with everyone who needs this article. Now, let's start with the first step

Step #1:- 

First of all Open Youtube in Browser(I prefer to use Google Chrome). If you are using a smartphone then choose the Desktop version because you can only access Youtube Studio in the Desktop version.

Step #2:-

Now, on Top Right corner click on the profile icon and choose Youtube Studio. If  You are thinking that you can do it in the Youtube studio android/ios app then I want to tell you that android/ios applications have only a few features but it does not have this feature in the application.

Step #3:-

Now, click on the settings option which you can see below the audio library option. Settings option is in the bottom left corner. In the Settings choose channel Option which is below General.

Step #4:- 

In Channel, Click on Advanced Settings which is available on the right of basic-info. After that scroll down and find Subscriber Count Option.

Step #5:-

Now, Untick the subscriber count option and that's it. Now, if you go and check your channel you will not see subscriber count which was there before. 


This article, I have shared knowledge about How to Hide Subscribers count on Youtube. I hope you have really liked it and if you do then do not forget to share your views in the comments box. Also, share this article with everyone. Thanks for reading. 

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