Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate (Secure Connection) ?

SSL Certificate for Website | If your Browser showing your website as "Not Secure" and you are stuck that why this happening to your website then I want to tell you that it is because your Website does not have an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificate is essential for your website to save your audience from Data Breach, Phishing Attacks, etc. 

If you want to know about SSL Certificate that whether you should add this to your website or not and does your website needs an SSL Certificate then you are at the right place because in this article I am going to explain everything about an SSL Certificate. I will tell you why your website needs an SSL Certificate and what it really does.

ssl certificate for website

What is an SSL Certificate and What it does?

While surfing on the internet you may have seen that some websites address look like this and some look like Now you will say what is the difference between these two web links then I would like to tell you that the difference of this one s is called SSL Certificate. If a website has an SSL certificate then it will start with https either it will start with Http. HTTPS provides website visitors a Secure Connection. It protects the website from the data breach, getting website hacked, phishing scams, and many more problems that happen to website owners if they do not have an SSL certificate.

I hope you understood what an SSL Certificate is and what it really does. So, Now let's learn do you need an SSL Certificate for your website.

Do You Need an SSL Certificate for your website?

Guys, an SSL certificate protects the website from getting hacked, breach of personal information, and other threats. If you want to save your website from getting into these problems then I will recommend that you should get an SSL Certificate for your website as soon as possible if you do not have one. 

If your website stores personal data of your website visitors then you have to get an SSL Certificate because without it, your website would not show in Google Search Results and you will not get any traffic from Google. Yes, you read that right Google does not allow websites without an SSL Certificate. So, if you want to show your website in Google Search Results then you should get an SSL for your website. 

From the 2017 Google Chrome update, if you open a website without an SSL Certificate then it shows an error and if you open a website with https (SSL) then it shows a secure connection. If you do not want your visitors to see this red error problem then do what I say, get an SSL.

If your website has a Login Page and your visitors have to log in on your website to surf like Facebook or If your website is an e-commerce store or you are asking your visitors to fill a form of their personal information then you must have an SSL Certificate on your website.

SSL builds your visitor's trust on your website because when they see that your website is secured and they will not get harmed by using it then they would be happy.

As a Blog owner, I want to tell you the most important thing that I do communicate with my visitors in the comments section and we do share personal views. So, I have an SSL for my blog and my visitors are happy that I have one.

Nowadays there are different types of viruses that attack the client's computer and hack all the information and firewall can't solve all the problems. So, if you do not want this happen to your website visitors then get an SSL as soon as possible. SSL provides you up to 256bit encryption like Whatsapp. So, with this, your website will never face problems like data breach and phishing. 

I hope you understood everything about an SSL Certificate. Now let's learn how you can get an SSL for your website.

How to Get an SSL Certificate for Website?

If you want to get an SSL for your website then you can contact your Hosting Provider they will help you get this but it will not free you to have to pay some money yearly but if you want you can get a Free SSL for your website. If you are running a blog like me then you can get a free one and if you are running an e-commerce or store or company website then you should get a paid one. If you are using then it provides you SSL for free. If you want me to write an article on How to connect Hosting to SSL then you can comment below I would love to help you.


In this article, I have shared about Why your website needs an SSL Certificate. I hope you loved it and if you do then do not forget to shower your love in the comments below. Thanks for reading.