If you are looking for a way to embed youtube videos on your blog or website then this article is for you because I will tell you How to embed Youtube Videos on any Website in 2 minutes. Embed option is very useful because of many times when you are explaining something on your blog and you want to add a similar youtube video that will also help your visitors. If you do not know about Embedding youtube videos then I will tell you.

How to embed youtube videos on website

Welcome to US Tricks. My name is Lokesh and I am the writer of this blog and today we are going to learn How to Embed a Youtube video in Blogs or Websites. I hope this video will really helpful for you. First, let's learn more about Embedding youtube video.

What is Embed Youtube Video?

YouTube is the best place for any type of videos but if we can add those amazing videos to our website how happy our visitors would be. In this competitive time, it is hard to satisfy your website visitor but if you add a youtube video similar to your article and user can play it right there then he would be so happy because as you all know people love to watch more than reading. If people will watch the video on your website, they will really happy and they will surely come back on your website and this will increase your Search engine rankings.

Embedding is a method to add Youtube Videos on any HTML page or any type of website. I am sure that you really love this method and want to embed Youtube videos to your website soon. So, without wasting more time let's learn How to embed a youtube video.

How to Embed Youtube Video on Website?

If you want to add a youtube video to your blog or website then here I will tell you to step by step to do this. There are two ways to Embed Youtube videos to a website.

First Method: 

Guys, this method only works in a blogger. So, if you are using blogger.com to host your blog then it is really easy for you. Just go to your blog post editor then click on the video button there you will see Youtube Option, click on that and you will see that there is search box opened. So, just search that which video you want to add to your blog. If you do not want to search then paste Youtube video link in the search box the video will automatically added to your blog. that is how you can add a Youtube video to Blogger.

Second Method:

If you are using any HTML website or any type of website then this method is for you. This method is also applicable to Blogger. First of all, Copy the Youtube video link that you want to embed. You can easily do it by click on share if you are using the android/ios app and then copy the link and if you are using a browser then you can copy it from the address bar.

<iframe width="420" height="315"
src="Paste link here"


Now, paste the video link in above code and copy the full above code and paste it in your html website and done. when you will open your website you will see that Youtube video is added to your website.


In this article, I have shared How to Embed Youtube Video on Website. I hope you have really liked this article and if you do then do not forget to comment below. Thanks for Reading

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