If you want to make a thumbnail for your Youtube videos, Blog articles, or for any other work then this article is for you because today I will teach you that How to create a professional-looking thumbnail on your android smartphone.

Professional Thumbnail

Hello friends, My name is Lokesh and I am the owner of this blog. I hope you all are very well. Today in this article we will discuss How you can make Professional thumbnail on your android mobile for free in just a few minutes. I hope this article will really help you to create thumbnails for Youtube videos, articles, and much more. So, without wasting any more time let's start.

What is Thumbnail?

Thumbnail is used at various things. If you want to upload a youtube video on your Youtube Channel then if you want to make your channel professional and if you want to build the trust of viewers on your channel then you should create a professional thumbnail for every video you upload. 

Thumbnail is an image in 1280*720 size. It is used to show on Youtube and other video platforms where thumbnail image is required to show what this video is all about.

Whenever you open Youtube the first thing you see is video's thumbnail which is always above the title of the video. Thumbnail helps creators to look at their video more professional. If someone uploads a video on Youtube then the algorithm of the youtube auto-captures a scene from the video and sets it as the thumbnail. So, if you do not upload a thumbnail to your video then youtube will automatically do that and sometimes it makes our videos disaster. 

So, I hope you have finally understood what thumbnail really is and now we will discuss why you really need a thumbnail.

Why You Should Add Thumbnail to Youtube Videos?

Youtube has now become a very big business. everyone wants to get popular on youtube and to gain subscribers because if you seriously work on youtube you can earn that much money that you can not earn by working in the office. 

So, to get popular on Youtube, You have to make quality videos. Quality videos will also not work if you do not add a professional thumbnail to it. Thumbnails are the key to make videos viral and popular because the first impression is the last impression. Thumbnail and the Title are the first thing viewer will see before watching your video. So, if you have not made professional or good quality thumbnail then they will not watch your video but if your thumbnail is good then the viewer will surely click on it whether the video is good or not.

If you do not make a professional thumbnail then it does not matter how good your videos are only a few people will watch it but your video will never get popular. So, if you want your video to get popular then you should make a professional thumbnail for your youtube video and that is what this article is about. I will tell you to step by step to make a professional thumbnail for your youtube video and it does not matter which device are you using. I will tell you both smartphones and PC.

How to Make Professional Thumbnail?

I will share with you to make Professional thumbnails on any device. So, read it till the end, if you missed any part you will not able to make professional thumbnail for free. First, let's learn How to make professional thumbnails on PC.

How to make thumbnail on PC?

If you have a PC or Laptop then you can easily make a professional thumbnail and it does not matter what specification of your PC is because I will tell you online method. Yes, making thumbnail online is easy and fast. 

Step 1:
            First of all, you have to go on a website Canva.com, this is the world's best website to edit images. You can also make Infographics on this website. After opening this website, click on Thumbnail.

Step 2: 
            After clicking on the thumbnail, many templates will open. You can choose any template for your website. When you choose a template, you can edit its text, images, etc. 

That is How you can make thumbnails on your PC or laptop. Now let's learn How to make thumbnail on Android mobile.

How to make Thumbnail on Android?

If you want to make thumbnail on android then you have to download Canva Mobile Application. Once you downloaded the app then you can easily choose the template and edit them to make a professional thumbnail.

I hope you have completely understood about making thumbnail for Youtube Videos.


In this article, I have shared Tutorial about How to make thumbnail on any device. I hope you have really liked this article and if you do then do not forget to share your views in the comment section. Thanks for reading


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